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Damon Meeks serves as a neutral mediator in various types of civil and family law cases. Mr. Meeks utilizes the confidential mediation process to assist the parties in evaluating the nature of their dispute and exploring creative and flexible settlement alternatives during full and half-day mediations. Mr. Meeks strives to make every mediation productive by working to understand the parties’ objectives and narrow their claims for trial if the parties cannot reach a comprehensive settlement. When the parties settle their dispute, Mr. Meeks assists with the execution of a binding settlement agreement.


Arbitration is a growing alternative to litigation in U.S. and international courts. Arbitration is confidential and provides parties with the distinct advantage of utilizing an extensive amount of party autonomy to determine how to resolve their dispute. Parties establish the rules, the forum, the choice of law, the timing, and how discovery will be handled. Arbitration is known for resolving conflicts with greater speed than many over-crowded courts.

At the close of the hearing, the arbitrator(s) enters an enforceable award. One of the greatest advantages of an arbitration award is that it is more likely to be enforceable in a foreign court than a judgment from a United States court. Mr. Meeks serves as a neutral/party-appointed arbitrator and provides consulting services related to the drafting of arbitration agreements. Mr. Meeks also represents clients as the party attorney in arbitrations.

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— Lord Thomas Dewar


To download mediation forms and documents in preparation for your mediation with Damon Meeks, click the links below:

Agreed Order Referral Mediation

Agreement to Mediation Rules

Attorney’s Agreement for Mediation

Attorney’s Information Sheet and Request for Mediation

Acknowledgement Regarding Representation by Counsel (Pro Se Participants)

Mediated Settlement Agreement