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Family Law

Family law is a broad term that encompasses all issues involved in the marriage and family context. Meeks Law Firm services divorce and family law clients to help them come to terms with family law issues, including divorce, property division, child custody, child support, support enforcement, establishment of paternity, visitation rights, and separate property.

If you are faced with divorce or a child custody dispute, enforcement of paternity, visitation or child support orders, think of Meeks Law Firm. We are here to help you through the stress and uncertainty of these difficult times.

The Firm also assists individuals with marital planning including pre-nuptial and post-nuptial agreements. Proper planning includes consideration for inherited property, property acquired prior to the marriage, and property that will be obtained during the marriage.

Family Law Issues


Child Support

Child Visitation

Enforcement of Divorce Decrees

Establishment of Paternity

Support and Visitation Disputes

Modification of Prior Court Orders

Pre-nuptial Agreements

Post-nuptial Agreements